Public Policy Changes Needed During the COVID-19 Crisis

The following documents provide details on the critical public policy issues that Congress and the regulatory agencies need to address to protect consumers during the COVID crisis:

CFA Urges Biden Transition Team and Congress to Support Urgent Consumer Protection Policies

A Comprehensive Consumer Agenda to Address COVID-19

Groups Tell Congress to Protect Privacy in COVID-19 Response

Groups Say Airline Passengers Need Relief, Too

Groups Condemn ‘Emergency’ Regulatory Guidance that Allows Banks to Make Predatory Payday Loans

Social Distancing and Less Commuting = Fewer Drivers and Miles Driven = Fewer Auto Accidents = Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Consumer Groups Urge Insurance Commissioners to Immediately Direct Insurers to Provide Premium Offset Payments to Policyholders Affected By COVID-19

CFA Supports Airline Passenger Protections In House Bill to Address COVID-19 Pandemic

Government Must Protect Consumers’ Health And Pocketbooks During COVID-19 Crisis

Consumer Groups Urge Congress to Insist On Consumer Protections in Airline Taxpayer Bailout

White House Must Act to Protect Privacy and Ensure Equity in Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic


The following documents provide specific consumer protection tips that are especially important during the COVID crisis:

Consumer Federation of America Offers Coronavirus Tips

Consumer FAQs About Economic Impact Payments

Protect Your Wallet and Your Personal Information from Coronavirus Scams

Social Distancing Means Extra Vigilance in Protecting Children from Home Hazards

Six Food Tips for Consumers During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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