CFA is an equal opportunity employer and believes that a diverse staff is a more effective staff as well as being of value itself.  CFA defines “diverse” as reflecting a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives such that CFA staff more closely reflects the heterogeneous US population, with a focus on hiring and retaining professionals who come from historically excluded or marginalized groups.  In accordance with D.C. and Federal laws, CFA will not discriminate against an employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, physical or mental disability, matriculation, political affiliation, genetic information, or other status protected by applicable law.  In hiring, promoting, demoting, training, benefits transfers, layoff, terminations, recommendation, rates of pay, or other forms of compensation, opportunity will be provided to all employees based on qualifications and job requirements.

Accordingly, in every competitive hiring, a special effort will be made to publicize the opening to diverse communities.  This will include distribution of the job notice to organizations, institutions, and other groups representing these diverse communities.  Moreover, a continuous effort will be made to identify exceptional candidates who represent diverse communities.

In addition, to promote a diverse organization, CFA staff:

  • Will make a special effort to recruit organizations that serve, and whose leaders reflect, a diverse population.
  • Work with the CFA Board to consider as new board members, leaders of CFA member organizations who reflect and serve a diverse population.
  • Prioritize diversity throughout the planning of conferences, seeking speakers, moderators, and panelists who reflect a diverse population, and topics that are relevant and of interest to diverse communities. Staff will consider this issue in initial discussions about issues, in subsequent discussions of speakers, and in a final review before most speakers have been invited.