Be Part of the Most Influential Consumer Organization in the Nation

When you join the Consumer Federation of America, you become part of one of the most influential consumer organizations in the nation. Founded in 1968 by pioneering consumer advocates to strengthen the consumer voice in the nation’s capital, CFA is recognized today for persuasive and enlightening research, innovative approaches to consumer education, and policy-changing advocacy on a wide range of consumer pocketbook, protection, and safety issues.

When you join CFA you:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your own organization through events, networking, issue briefings, and grants.
  • Gain access to CFA’s staff who are widely respected for their deep expertise on a range of leading consumer issues.
  • Contribute to the larger cause which is crucial to our ability to serve as a well-reasoned and articulate voice on behalf of consumers.

CFA is a federation of more than 250 diverse organizations. Our members include advocacy groups working at the national, state, and local level, consumer cooperatives, including credit unions and electric co-ops, labor unions, public power utilities, state and local consumer protection agencies, and other pro-consumer groups. As a member of CFA, you have an opportunity to network with other consumer leaders, to benefit from your fellow members’ ideas, experience, and expertise, and work together to advance the issues that matter to you most.

At CFA, we are committed to both promoting our member organizations and supporting their effectiveness. In addition to consulting with CFA staff on issues and strategy, our staff can contribute directly to your efforts by serving as expert witnesses and providing testimony in support of your legislative or regulatory initiatives.

Just as CFA seeks to support the work of its member organizations, we also draw on our members’ grassroots knowledge and connections. In fact, CFA’s greatest strength is its diverse and effective members representing consumers throughout the nation. In addition, the financial support of our members, in the form of annual dues, makes our advocacy possible. Our membership is crucial to our ability to serve as a strong voice on behalf of consumers—especially low-income consumers—on a wide variety of policy issues.

Join Us

Take a look at our Issues page and you will see one of the broadest portfolios of any organization in Washington. However, for the consumer movement to be effective we must join together, and support each other, as we serve as the consumer’s voice in public policy. CFA’s members are the backbone of our organization. They add the credibility and numbers that enable CFA to change public policy for the better.

CFA provides the vehicle for members to learn from each other, support each other, and change America for the better. We look forward to you joining us in this national effort to protect consumers and ensure a fair marketplace. Join us today!

For information on our annual dues structure, click here.

The following groups are eligible to apply for membership with CFA: 
Nonprofit/not-for-profit organizations or associations that support the goals and programs of CFA; and city, county, or state government consumer protection agencies.

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