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Credit Card Lenders Are Getting Rich Off Your Late Fees
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New Rule to Cap Most Credit Card Late Fees at $8
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Credit Card Late Fees Capped at $8 a Month in Fresh Biden Crackdown on Junk Fees
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Federal Home Loan Banks’ Profits Skyrocket From 2023 Liquidity Crisis
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Senator Casey Targets Shrinkflation, Says Products Are Shrinking but Prices Are Not
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Florida Lawmakers Want to Help Insurance Companies by Limiting Lawsuits
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Relief Hard to Come by For Chicago Area Wire Fraud Scam Victims
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Inflation Stinger: Texas Auto Insurance Rates Soar 24%, Homeowners Rates up 11%
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State Farm Finalizes $182 Million Insurance Hike in Illinois
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Want Better Customer Service? Join the (Membership) Club
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The PandemicBoost to SNAP Benefits Ends Nationwide in March
March 1 – WSIU-TV

Fraud Cost Consumers $8.8 Billion Last Year, Federal Trade Commission Says. That’s Up 44% From 2021
March 1 – CNBC

Consumer Groups Launch Campaign for Ticket Buyer Bill of Rights
March 1 – Ticket News

Delaware Treasurer Davis Touts Value of Savings Plan
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What The Well-Meaning Critics of Online Advertising Are Missing—and How They Could Hurt the Communities They’re Trying to Protect
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Bad Credit Would Cost Americans as Much as $93 Billion to Borrow Money This Year
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DOL Fiduciary Rollover Guidance Struck Down by Florida Court
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Towing Companies Ignite Passions in General Assembly
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Proposed Rule Would Curb Excessive Credit Card Late Fees
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Illinois Consumers Join Efforts to Stop Auto Insurance Hikes
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We Don’t Know how Reg BI or the CFP Credential’s Fiduciary Standard Work in Practice Because There Has Been No Substantial Punishment for Violating Them
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Scammers Target Victims Using Popular Money Transfer App Zelle
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Proposed Rule Would Curb Excessive Credit Card Late Fees
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Brokerages Need to Update Tech Systems to Show Reg BI Work to SEC
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Easy to Use, Mobile Payment Apps Are Also Easy to Misuse
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Federal Court Rules in Favor of NAR in Longtime DOJ Probe
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Buyers: Know Your Share
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Court Sides with National Association of Realtors, Halts Antitrust Investigation
January 26 –Boston Agent Magazine

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Car Insurance is Racist as Black People Pay Higher Rates That Whites, Biden Says in His MLK Speech
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Crypto Is Coming for Your Retirement Plan
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Cetera to Pay $8.6 M as Sec Disclosure Cases Leave Lasting Impact
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How Much Will that Funeral Cost? Federal Rule Could Make Prices Easier to Get
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You May Experience a ‘Mysterious Disappearance’ on Halloween — and Insurance Probably Won’t Pay for It
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People Are Shocked at The Cost of Filling Their Oil Tanks as Winter Approches
October 30 – Boston Globe

Home Heating Hacks: Simple Ways to Stretch Your Dollar when Winter’s Chill Sets In
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Funeral Homes Could Soon Have to Post Prices Online
October 26 – NPR

The Latest Threat to The CFPB Could Reverberate Big Time
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NYCC Real Estate Commissions Are All Over the Map: Consumer Watchdog
October 20 – Inman

Some Workers Say Their Job Billed Them For… Quitting?
October 19 – The Hustle

Fiduciary Debate Rises from Dead, Irking Some
October 17 – Pensions and Investments

Activist Groups Demand Feds Require Nutrition Labels on Booze
October 15 – Reason

No-Fault Reform Was Meant to Lower Michigan Car Insurance Rates, but They’re up More than 7 Percent
October 14 – Interlochen Public Radio

SEC Issues FAQ on Fiduciary DEI Duties
October 13 – Think Advisor

FDA Officials Pledge Actions to Improve US Diets
October 12 – AgriPulse

New Legislation to Eliminate the Airlines’ Liability Shield
October 7 – Travel Market Report

You’ve Been Served: TTB Sued Over Wine Ingredient Labels
October 7 – Wine Industry News

Food Poisoning Has Slightly Dropped, CDC Finds. but Experts Say It’s Still a Problem.
October 6 – USA Today

Banks Seek Clear Rules While Eyeing Small-Dollar Loan Expansion
October 6 – Bloomberg

How to Pick a Financial Advisor
October 6 – Wall Street Journal

Nutrition Labels May Be Headed to Alcohol Bottles
October 6 – Inside Hook

Backlash to Allstate’s Steep Auto Insurance Rate Hikes Could Have Industrywide Ramifications
October 5 – Crain’s Chicago Business

Consumer Groups Sue for Nutritional Labeling on Alcoholic Beverages
October 5 – Food Drive

Fighting Senior Fraud Before it Happens
October 4 – Kiplinger

How Neobanks Are Helping Consumers Game Credit Scoring
October 3 – Protocol

They Got a Puppy — and A Nearly 200 Percent Loan
September 30 – Washington Post

Investor Protection for ESG Investing and Complex Products
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Trade associations to House: It’s time to hold a vote on the RILA Act
September 22 – Insurance News Net

National Consumer Group Calls on Ohio to Stop Widow’s Penalty
September 18 – Akron Beacon Journal

Consumer Groups Encourage USDA Secretary to Continue Efforts to Make Chicken Products Safer
September 14 – Food Safety News

Warren Condemns Deceptive and ‘Outrageous Behavior’ by Student Loan Giant Navient
September 14 – Common Dreams

Warren Warns Navient Taking ‘advantage’ of Borrowers in Suggesting Refinance of Student Loans
September 13 – The Hill

It’s Time to Change the Credit Score Game
September 12 – Protocol

Senate Democrats Say Buy Now, Pay Later Products Lack Oversight
September 13 – Roll Call

Consumer Groups Encourage USDA Secretary to Continue Efforts to Make Chicken Products Safer
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Stressed About Credit Card Debt? Take These Steps to Help Trim High-Interest Account Balances
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Voice of The Consumer: What Were the Top Consumer Complaints of 2021?
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The Top 10 Consumer Complaints from 2021
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Commission Study Paid for By Home Services Comes Under Fire
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Nine Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life as Prices Soar
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Brokerages Warned by SEC Over Conflicts of Interest Tied to Pay
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New SEC Guidance Tackles How to Handle Conflicts of Interest
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Is Banking at Walmart Worth It?
August 2 – Consumer Reports

As Gas Prices Soar, Card Networks Raise Pre-Authorization Holds on Gas Purchases
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Fsis Takes on Salmonella in Certain Chicken Products; Hopes to Publish Something by Fall
August 1 – Food Safety News

How to Recession-Proof Your Life Amid Economic Uncertainty
July 26 – Associated Press

Sale Fees Don’t Always Jibe with Price
July 31 – Bankers and Tradesman

What if Every Day Was Payday? Same-Day Pay Is Catching On, but Faster Is Not Always Better
July 29 – Moneywise

CFPB’s Chopra Defends Guidance Docs Targeted by Industry Critics
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Car Insurers’ Pandemic Windfalls Prompt a Response in Springfield, with Consumer-Minded Reforms Planned
July 23 – Chicago Sun Times

It’s Time to Fix Illinois’ Auto Insurance Market
July 22 – Crain’s Chicago Business

Watchdog: No Relationship Between Commissions and Home Prices
July 20 – Inman

Inflation Is Soaring. Time to Rethink Your Emergency Savings.
July 15 – Washington Post

Lawmakers Propose Single Food Safety Agency
July 14 – Meat + Poultry

Public Action Groups Call for Separate Food Arm at Fda to Streamline Food Safety
July 14 – Food Safety News

Groups Scrutinize Pandemic Auto Insurance Premiums, Profits
July 6 – My Journal Courier

Car Insurers’ Pandemic Windfalls: Illinois Insurers Could Have Given You Bigger Refunds, Maintained Same Profits
July 2 – Chicago Sun-Times

Ftc Lawsuit: Walmart Stores Turn ‘blind Eye’ to Wire Transfer Fraud, Enable Millions in Scams
June 29 –

A New Regulator Is Stepping Into the ‘rent-A-Bank’ Ring
June 27 – Protocol

Here’s How Much Money You Can Actually Save Switching To LED Light Bulbs
June 26 – Slash Gear

An N.J. Bill Would Require Some People to Have More Insurance. We Could All Suffer.
June 24 – New Jersey Star-Ledger

New Federal Regulations Should Prevent Infant Injuries and Deaths at Sleep Time
June 23 – Northwest News Radio

New DOL Fiduciary Rule Pushed to December
June 22 – Think Advisor

Rules to Curb Credit-Card Late Fees Get Fresh Look at CFPB
June 22 – Bloomberg Law

What 2 Supportive Commenters Say About SEC’s Climate Regulations
June 21 – Plan Advisor

Ask Asa: Check Your Credit Report for Medical Debt
June 16 – WJCL-TV

As SEC charges First Brokerage to Run Afoul of New Investor Protection Rule, Here’s how To Find a Good Financial Advisor
June 17 – CNBC

SEC takes First Substantive Reg Bi Enforcement Action
June 16 – Think Advisor

SEC Charges Calif. Broker In First Reg BI Violation Case
June 16 – Wealth Management

Road Hazard: Major Auto Repair Chains Offer ‘No Interest’ Financing That’s Often Very Costly
June 14 – Checkbook

Ask Asa: Credit reporting agencies are wiping billions in medical debt from credit reports
June 9 – WJCL-TV

Opinion: Car Insurance Reforms Didn’t Address Discrimination Against Detroiters
June 8 – The Detroit News

Fsis Decides Against Changing Safe Handling Instructions Sought by Safe Food Coalition
June 6 – Before It’s News

Five Ways to Cut Down on Your Energy Bill
June 6 – WRAL

Those Trying to Stop Human Illnesses from Poultry Won’t Give Up
June 5 – Before It’s News

Dismissal of Class Action Rate Suit Against Geico Upheld in New York
June 3 – Repairer Driven News

Electronic Arts’ ‘loot Box’ Is ‘looting’ Players, Allege Consumer Groups
June 3 – Techno Holik

Biden Signs Law Banning Child Products Linked to Hundreds of Deaths
June 2 – WALB-TV

Groups Urge U.S. to Probe ‘loot Box’ on Electronic Arts Video Game
June 2 – Reuters

Started in Va. with A Whimper, Ended with A Bang; Schapiro: Started in Va. with A Whimper, Ended with A Bang
June 2 – Richmond Times-Dispatch

WesBanco Bank Again Receives the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence
June 1 – Markets Insider

California Wants To Force Insurers To Reward Homeowners For Fireproofing Homes
May 30 – SFGate

Michiganders Are Being Target By The Grandparent Scam
May 28 – WFGR-TV

Consumer Federation: Montana Auto Insurers Often Charge Women More Since State Repealed Ban on Sex-Based Pricing, Despite Commissioner’s Promise
May 27 – Insurance News Net

Commentary: Thomas Gremillion — to Avoid Next Crisis, Make Food Safety Priority
May 26 – Jacksonville Journal-Courier

New Report Shows how TAB Bank and Easy Pay Finance’s Predatory Loans Harm Veterans and Servicemembers
May 26 – Channel Advisor

Cash Home Buyers: New Services Offer Help Making All-Cash Offer
May 26 – Tribune Content Agency

CA Wants to Force Insurers to Reward Homeowners for Fireproofing Homes
May 26 – Patch

55 Ways to Trim Your Living Expenses Right Now
May 26 – Msn Money

Volatility to Spark Increased Scrutiny of Complex Products Sales, Regulators Warn
May 26 – Advisor Hub

California Wants to Force Insurers to Reward Homeowners for Fireproofing Homes
May 26 – Capital Public Radio

Cash Home Buyers: New Services Offer Help Making All-Cash Offer
May 25 – Kiplinger

Food Safety Must Become a Bigger Priority
May 25 – Las Vegas Sun

United States Bans Crib Bumpers and Infant Inclined Sleepers
May 24 – Sierra Sun Times

Baby Formula Crisis: To Avoid the Next Infant Formula Crisis, Make Food Safety a Priority
May 22 – Inside Sources

Lawmakers Delve Into Insurance Practices Amid Pandemic
May 22 – Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Price Fixing Has Sent Realtor Commissions Soaring in An Already Hot Market, Lawsuit Alleges
May 19 – CBC News

President Biden Signs ‘Safe Sleep for Babies Act’, Will Prohibit Sale of Crib Bumper Pads
May 16 – KATV-TV